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Mini Tips for Content Writing

Small tips with big impact on content writing:

  • Focus on grammar, but don’t focus too much on grammar.
  • Remember M80:T20 rule (It’s just invented by me!). Yeah… It’s a bit different than usual 80:20 rule. It means focus 80 percent of your time on major part of content which includes coming up with ideas, research, preparing first draft and finalizing it minus the trivial part. Now, what the heck is trivial part? Well, trivial part mean proofreading, making corrections and editing for consistency.
  • Do not waste time on perfection, the best investment of time is excellency. We can’t achieve a thing that don’t even exist. Perfection doesn’t exist and content is no exception.
  • In content, consistency, readability, simplicity, accuracy, integrity do matter. Grammar matters too but not make your content a world-class test of grammar. Don’t take me wrong. I use Grammarly too but the main focus is on content, not Grammar. In short, don’t let yourself lose time on trivial matters.
  • [I’m deboarding from metro now. will keep adding more tips here…]

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