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Win SEO Game With Advanced Backlinks Techniques

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This post represents a copy of 2020 Sunday VI Edition of Content Chef Newsletter sent to Content Chef subscribers on February 9, 2020. It’s re-published here as part of Content Chef Newsletters Museum. To get upcoming Content Chef Newsletters in your inbox, you can subscribe, for free.

Hello, Content Chef!

Cheers from Vishnu! I welcome you to the 2020 Sunday VI Edition of Content Chef Newsletter. Enjoy my snippets and notes on this week’s stories that I found most informing, educating, persuading, inspiring, entertaining, and unique for content creators:

#1 Win SEO Game With Advanced Backlinks Techniques.

While creating quality content is the fundamental aspect to get quality backlinks, there is more to win the backlinks game, i.e., advanced link-building techniques.

In the Forbes article, Five Advanced Link-Building Techniques Every Business Needs To Know, Kristopher Jones provides insights into his proven link-building techniques that include building relationships, keeping an eye on the competition, collaboration, and—my favorite— creating custom functional tools like EMI calculators in case of an eCommerce website.

Besides techniques shared by Jones, I would love to hear backlinks building techniques that work for you. So, to share your simple or advanced backlinks techniques with Content Chef Community, feel free to tweet to @ContentChefLIVE with hashtag #BacklinksHacks.

#2 Back To Basics: How To Write A Blog Post.

I believe that we are never too experienced to add different perspectives to our work approach or try new ways to do old things.

While you might have written tens or hundreds or thousands of blog posts so far, this blog post writing guide from Andy Crestodina is bound to make your writing process better than it is right now.

#3 Don’t Experiment. Do Calculated Experiments Instead.

What works for one business or marketer may not work for others. We all found our best working strategies by trial and error. In short, experiments. Lots of experiments. Technically, A/B Testing!

Well, doing experiments is one thing. Doing calculated experiments is another thing. In calculated experiments, you can combine data from existing research reports and studies with your own methods and ways and see what works best for you. This way, you are not hitting in the dark and using the best possible combinations of everything available in your quiver.

To help yourself get started with calculated experiments, head on to Top 25+ Content Marketing Studies and Research Reports curated by Chad Buleen.

#4 What’s Your Niche?

What should be my niche?” — Many newbie writers struggle with this question. I struggled with this too. For any aspiring writer, that’s an important question to answer, to make a successful career in writing.

While some writers thrive writing on particular topics, others thrive doing general writing. I call them no niche writers, and I am one of them!

Anyway, deciding your niche takes some trial and experiments on your own. But still, advice from a person who has been there can help. That’s where David’s 7 Things to Consider Before Picking a Copywriting Niche can be handy.

#5 Embrace Authentic Marketing With UGC Wave.

If you are in the content and marketing business for quite a while, you must be familiar with the User Generated Content, famously called UGC.

In the online world, where the increasing number of people doubt the authenticity of promises made in commercials and brand endorsements, UGC can help you add authenticity to your marketing efforts, foster customer trust, and increase conversion rate. Before you left behind in the UGC game, incorporate User Generated Content in your marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond.

#6 Add to Your Toolkit: Ubersuggest.

Okay, let me remove any confusion first. Ubersuggest has nothing to with Uber, the Ridesharing app. Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool developed by our industry expert Neil Patel (Thanks, Neil).

Ubersuggest can help you with finding out keywords, content ideas, and reverse engineer the online marketing strategy of your competitors. Ubersuggest is 100% free. If you are not using Ubersuggest, I think you are missing some important insights that can help you level up your online marketing efforts. So, add Ubersuggest to your Content Marketing Toolkit today.

#7 LinkedIn Spotlight: The Right Is Not Final! Wrong Is Not Fatal!

Amazon’s Email Template is (accidentally) out! It has two perks for us:

#1 The comfort that anybody can make an error in any organization at any level. After all, we all are humans. Aren’t we? The right is not final! Wrong is not fatal!

#2 Well, you got it! It’s Amazon Email Template itself. Get a glimpse into the template along with key takeaways from the template presented by Aaron Schnoor in his post: Amazon Accidentally Sent Out Their Email Template.

BTW, What’s your take on it? Let me know on LinkedIn.

🌱 Keep Doing Good Stuff

I always say that failures are nothing but signposts on our journey to success. Where we are now and where we will be depend less on our circumstances and more on our responses. Story of WhatsApp co-founders is the real-world example of this philosophy who, after getting failed to get a job at Facebook, invented WhatsApp and make the best of their failures.

On that note, I invite you to explore the story of the birth of WhatsApp out of the failures of its co-founders to get a job. After reading this story, you’ll never pity your failures, assured that there is something more awesome waiting ahead for you.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for less, but worthy!

– Vishnu Goyal

Creator, Content Chef

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