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5 Content Marketing Power Laws & 70-20-10 Approach To Content Planning

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This post represents a copy of 2020 Sunday V Edition of Content Chef Newsletter sent to Content Chef subscribers on February 2, 2020. It’s re-published here as part of Content Chef Newsletters Museum. To get upcoming Content Chef Newsletters in your inbox, you can subscribe, for free.

Hello, Content Chef!

Cheers from Vishnu! I welcome you to the 2020 Sunday V Edition of Content Chef Newsletter. Enjoy my snippets and notes on this week’s stories that I found most informing, educating, persuading, inspiring, entertaining, and unique for content creators:

#1 Hitting Sweet Spot With Content.

Who wants to write mediocre content? No one! Who wants to read mediocre content? No one! Well, then why make anything mediocre?

Can’t we hit the sweet spot with engaging content? Sure, we can. And I have got the tip from Daniela McVicker to make it happen: “In order for your content to be popular, you have to hit that “sweet spot” where your content’s value and your readers’ interests and issues overlap.

Find out more about hitting the sweet spot with content and tips for making your content marketing efforts a success in Daniela’s article 5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Content Marketing Campaign.

#2 Do Not Tweet With Wrong Intent. Please.

If you are working hard to craft hilarious tweets with an intention to increase the number of likes, retweets, and followers, then it’s the time! Time to stop and change something. Don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to stop crafting hilarious tweets or stop tweeting. I am asking you to change your intention and move it to foster relationships by helping others with your tweets and start real conversations.

Now what the heck is “real conversation,” and from where I got this idea to suddenly advise you on your Twitter intent? Well, I have Josh Spector to blame for his incredible post, “Here Are Your Next Four Tweets.”

#3 Quality Content: Help People + Fuel Business Growth.

An epic case study about deploying quality content to help prospective customers and fuel business growth is GoDaddy’s guide to unique business ideas. As of today—February 2, 2020— that guide page has 40 online business idea posts divided into ten categories. With that page, GoDaddy is not only helping its visitors coming up with an online business idea but also encouraging them to get their idea up and running with GoDaddy products and services like domain and hosting. Isn’t that a great content strategy?

#4 The 70-20-10 Approach For Content Creation.

This week, thanks to Portent’s blog, I got to know an interesting method to help in the overall content process, i.e. 70-20-10 approach for content planning:

• 70% of content should be standard, safe, and targeted to boost organic rankings and must appeal to a “huge” audience.

• 20% of content can be controversial, challenging to conventional wisdom, a mix of standard and new, and should appeal to a new audience.

• 10% of content should be innovative and maybe even hard or complicated. It’s where you can experiment with all things new!

To me, the 70-20-10 approach seemed to be an approach worth trying. Well, I am going to do that for Content Chef. After all, what’s the point in not trying new things? [With calculated risks!]

#5 Small Change. Big Impact.

We all have heard that small steps lead to something bigger in life. Jimmy Daly calls this thing a “power law.” Jimmy is also smart and generous enough to share with us his custom made Content Marketing Power Laws, which has worked for him.

In his 5 Content Marketing Power Laws, Jimmy emphasizes on (#1) creating a content library instead of a publication, (#2) compounding traffic growth with evergreen content, (#3) importance of creating product-focused content as a means to an end, (#4) need for content distribution and promotion, and (#5) building goodwill.

I found Jimmy’s analogy extremely useful and driven by his unmatched experience. I think it can work great for you and me too. [Nah! Not #MeToo.]

#6 Add to Your Toolkit: Grammarly Premium.

One of the best tools I use to make my writing better is Grammarly Premium. Like most people, I started with the Grammarly free version. I upgraded to a premium plan in March 2019 to have a taste of additional functionalities of Grammarly.

Having used Grammarly Premium for about a year now, I must say that Grammarly Premium is one of the best investment opportunities for professional writers and content creators. What I like most about Grammarly Premium is its inbuilt plagiarism checker, support to maintain consistent writing style, help to improve readability, and above all, its one-click Content Performance Report feature, which gives a bird’s-eye view of overall quality of the content along with detailed list of corrections, that can make editing work a breeze.

#7 LinkedIn Spotlight: Brighter Future For Content Creators.

The future is even brighter for content creators! Out of all projected opportunities for the next three years, 17% will be in sales, marketing, and content.

Are you excited about the future of content marketing? What do you think of it?

Start or join the discussion on LinkedIn.

🌱 Keep Doing Good Stuff

Life is not constant. Time keeps changing. Sometimes, going gets tough. Other times, we get the tough going. Navigating good times is not a big deal. The big deal is how we happily navigate through tough times. Well, The Equation of Life can help with that.

⚽ Beyond Work: Tune Into Life

Work like you have to live forever and live with the fact that there is no guarantee for tomorrow.

Today, after a long period of time, I went to a park in the city of Gurugram. It got me into the memories of my school summer vacation when I used to go to the park daily, with my brother and father, and spend about an hour there running and playing.

Sitting in the park today and cherishing those memories left me with a thought that the moment to enjoy is now. When we live the most precious moments of our lives, we don’t enjoy them to the fullest since we are too busy wondering about what the future holds for us.

Well, if we put the past and future on hold for most of the day, we can live every moment to the fullest and make every moment precious and worth living. Work like you have to live forever and live with the fact that there is no guarantee for tomorrow. I think that approach can make our lives much better and less regretful. Do you agree with me?

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for less, but worthy!

– Vishnu Goyal

Creator, Content Chef

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